How does magic hair work?

Magic HairTM may look like a powder, but it’s actually countless microscopic fibres shaped just like tiny hairs. These fibres are made from all-natural cotton and cling to your hair strands to make them appear thicker – particularly at the roots.

They cover up any exposed scalp to eliminate those annoying gaps that can appear with thinning and/or patchy hair.

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Superior to keratin hair fibres

Made only from pure cotton and mineral-based colourants, Magic HairTM is the safe and natural solution for concealing thinning hair.

Compared to most keratin fibres, Magic Hair:

  • Is finer, with a stronger grip on the hair strands and less fall-out
  • Appears less matte and more natural on the scalp
  • Won’t run colour when exposed to moisture
  • Contains no additives or chemicals that irritate the skin
  • Gives a more natural look of real hair No colour run with sweat or if you get caught in the rain


1. Take a photo of the top of your head outside in the sunlight.

2. Compare the colour of your hair to the Magic HairTM swatches. Look at the hair closest to your roots, at your crown and temples.

3. If your hair is in between two close shades, choose the one that is slightly lighter for a more natural look.

4. If you find that the shade is a little too light, you can layer a small amount of the darker shade over the top.

Well-distributed Magic HairTM fibres should not be detectable on your scalp. As long as you gently pat the areas that you’ve applied the fibres to and you use a little hair spray to add some shine, they will simply look like real hair!

Magic HairTM comes out gradually so unless you are applying very large amounts, you won’t even notice it on your pillow in the morning. A quick spray of your favourite hairspray will give it extra staying power. If you did not wash your hair the night before you will need a touch up the next morn.

No. No matter how long your wear hair fibres, they do not interact with your hair follicles. Hopefully like Nova discovered, by removing the entire stress of hair loss, she found her hair loss improved. Which goes to show, stressing about it likely makes it worse!

The applicator head distributes a finer amount than just shaking it in (although shaking it in can be great if in a hurry!). The applicator is better than shaking though for tricky areas such as the hairline or sides of the head. If you use the applicator rather than shaking it in, you will find you use much less product overall, to save you $$.

Despite what some brands would have you believe, hair fibres don’t necessarily add ‘volume’ to your hair. They are temporary solutions that make your hair look thicker, primarily at the roots.

You do not need to use a special setting spray to keep your Magic Hair fibres in place. The sticky sprays available from other brands can make your hair look stiff and unnatural. Save your money and just use a spritz of low-cost hairspray.